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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all entrants participating in all UK Running Events Ltd events. Completion of an entry form or purchase of an entry by every participant acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant.

  1. By entering the event the participant automatically accepts our terms and conditions.
  2. Participating in a UK Running Events Ltd event is a hazardous activity. Each participant acknowledges that there is an inherent risk of physical injury that cannot be eliminated completely, including but not limited to an above-average risk of death and/or serious injury. Knowing this, each participant voluntarily assumes all the risks of participating in the event and takes full responsibility for any and all damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses incurred as a result of their participation.
  3. You cannot participate if you are pregnant.
  4. The participant accepts that the event they are entering is not a race in any format.
  5. The participant is fully responsible for their actions whilst attending the event. This includes the event centre and during the event itself. UK Running Events Ltd does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor the consequences of such actions.
  6. The events involve a level of sustained physical activity. Each participant, upon signing the registration form or purchasing a ticket, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of completing the event.
  7. Participants make the decision to take part and must be satisfied that this activity is suitable for them as individuals. UK Running Events Ltd can not be held accountable for aggravation to illness or injury / illness sustained due to participation in this activity. Participants are recommended to seek advice from their medical practitioner prior to taking part in this event, and make provisions to ensure their safe participation.
  8. Each participant agrees to abide by the events rules including: no urination or defecation is permitted outside of designated areas; no wheeled conveyances or pets are allowed on the course at any time; and no clothing, props or equipment that pose an unnecessary risk to participants, spectators or personnel are permitted. Participant also specifically agrees to obey all civil and criminal laws, including traffic laws and regulations.
  9. Each participant agrees to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times; demonstrate respect for all people, equipment and facilities; and participate with a cooperative and positive attitude.
  10. The Event Registration Form or purchase of a ticket must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age may be requested. Unless otherwise stated, participants under the age of 18 years will be allowed to participate in the event if they are 5 years old or over and have the consent of their parent or legal guardian who must sign the Event Registration Form or purchase a ticket on behalf of the underage participant. Signing or purchasing a ticket is also an acceptance for the actions and consequences of the underage runner. Under 16’s need to be accompanied at all times by an adult who is responsible for them.
  11. Group Bookings:
    The Lead Party agrees that by completing the Online Registration Form and submitting an order that
    (a) They have read these Terms and Conditions and have the authority to be bound by them on his/her own behalf and on behalf of the individuals named in the Group Booking.
    (b) They consent to our use of the information they provide in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

    By completing the Online Registration or a telephone Group Booking, the Lead Party warrants that they have the authority to accept and be bound by the Terms and Conditions on their own behalf and on behalf of the Group. The Lead Party shall indemnify and keep us indemnified against all and any liability, losses claims which we may suffer or incur as a result of a breach of this warranty.
  12. Registering for an event indicates your consent for UK Running Events Ltd to contact you with pre-event information and about relevant products or services and research via email, post, phone & SMS. You can opt-out at any time via the unsubscribe links within the emails sent.
  13. Any marked route is shown for guidance only and UK Running Events Ltd do not insist that you use the route shown. Therefore, if a participant chooses to tackle a section, it is entirely his or her own choice. If they choose a different route to avoid obstacles or sections they decide are beyond their capabilities, they do so entirely at their own risk.
  14. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to shorten or alter the published route at any time. Participants do not have the right to claim a refund if the route is shortened.
  15. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to change any finish line gift.
  16. Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by them. This includes, but is not exclusive to, fees from Police, Air Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and Ambulance service in and outside the United Kingdom. If the situation arises that you are not capable of making the decision to call the emergency services, the Participant agrees that a member of UK Running Events Ltd or a member of the public may call for them. In this situation, the rider still accepts the costs and consequences of such actions.
  17. Trail Run: Cani-cross entries.
    Where dog entrants are allowed, no dog under 12months old is permitted to take part in any event.
    Strictly only one dog per runner allowed on a short lead/bungee line.
    Dogs are not to be run free at any time during the event.
    Dogs must be physically fit and able to complete the distance entered. UK Running Events Ltd advises that all dogs entered are checked by a veterinary professional prior to taking part in the event.
    It is the owner's responsibility to monitor the welfare of their dog during the event. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to remove any dog from the course if it is seen to be in distress.
    Individuals are expected to clean up after their dog and dispose of any waste properly. Bins will be provided at water stops and event centre.
  18. Each participant agrees to assign and grant the right and permission for UK Running Events Ltd to use and publish any photographs/film/video/electronic representations and/or sound recordings of the participant on any UK Running Events Ltd activity. The participant hereby releases UK Running Events Ltd from any and all liability from such use and promotion. The participant hereby authorises the reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs/film/video tapes/electronic representations and/or sound recordings without limitation at the discretion of UK Running Events Ltd. The participant specifically waives any right to any compensation they may have for appearing in any of the photographs/film/video/electronic representations and/or sound recordings of the participant at a UK Running Event.
  19. Amendments to a booking are permitted for a £5 per participant fee.
  20. Event entry fees/deposits cannot be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  21. Non-event Attendance:
    Participants that fail to attend their booked event agree to automatically forfeit any deposit/entrance fees. This includes but is not limited to the following circumstances: illness, injury and a date conflict.
  22. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel and or postpone any event, due to extreme weather conditions and or Force Majeure. In such an event, each participant’s entry will be automatically moved to the rescheduled event. If a Participant can't make this event, they can carry their entry to another UK Running Events event of an equal or lower ticket value within the following calendar year. No refunds will be issued.
  23. Participation in the event is at your own risk. Insurance cover is provided for all participants against a third-party claim arising as a result of accidental damage to a third-party property whilst participating in an event. This insurance cover is adjudged void if it is deemed the participant has acted negligently. No further insurance cover is provided by UK Running Events Ltd for participants in the event, but UK Running Events Ltd strongly recommend each participant organises their own personal insurance cover.
  24. Alcohol is not permitted at the event. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to remove anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, whether consumed prior to commencement or during the event.
  25. We recognise family and friends may wish to photograph the event, however, if you are a professional or commercial photographer and plan on taking multiple photographs of participants who are not personally known to you, this is strictly forbidden. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to ask any person taking photographs to refrain from doing so.
  26. UK Running Events Ltd reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time prior to the event. An up to date copy of the terms and conditions will be displayed at the event for participants to view. Participants should read this prior to taking part in the event.
  27. UK Running Events Ltd may immediately dismiss anyone who disobeys any rules, directions, instructions, decisions, or laws, or whose behaviour endangers safety or negatively affects a person, facility, or property of any type or kind.

By entering this event, participants and Parent or Guardian of a participant, if under the age of 18, affirm they have read the above terms and conditions and understand its content and voluntarily sign this agreement.

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